Top 10 Web Tools to Calculate Your estimated Website and Domain Name Value

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After you have rank in Google for certain Keywords, Increased your website crawl rate and  speed up your website, it’s time to value your work. Our top ten list of website valuation tool helps in determining the value of a site and allows site owners to have an idea of how much their online property is worth.

How the Website Calculator Works?

To perform a website and domain valuation these tools take several important stats in consideration such as its Alexa rank, Moz Domain Authority, Social Media activities & Engagements, backlinks and few others.

These tools offer an estimated value as factors that can determine the real value of a website are not often made public such as: Mailing list, Drop shipping contracts, Affiliate agreements and Future value.


Worth Of Web

World’s #1 Website Value Calculator. More than 10 Million websites evaluated. The Worthofweb values your site contingent on number of variables, for example, site activity, fame in different web indexes, page rank, Alexa rank and significantly more. The webpage shows the evaluated worth of the site alongside the WOW score. They additionally indicate inexact every day and yearly profit.


2  SitePrice

More than 3 Million websites evaluated. This computes the site worth based of different variables, for example, site visibility in web crawlers, online networking visibility, number of backlinks, evaluated day by day visitors and much more.




More than 830,000 websites evaluated. It is a free tool that helps you to estimate the worth of a website. Our unique algorithm will calculate and estimate a website’s daily income, daily visitors, pagerank, and traffic details. Just enter the URL and you’ll get an instant overview of the value of the site and other important statistics including Alexa Rank, backlinks, meta description, server IP, rank graphs fetched in real-time, server location by map and DMOZ listing

4  YourWebsiteValue

More than 140,000 websites evaluated. There are several factors that determine the website valuation price. These include age of the website, domain authority, SEO analysis, Page Rank, traffic Rank, social media interaction, website content and many other factors.


More than 50,000 websites evaluated.This website calculate and estimate the website daily income,daily visitors, page rank, traffic details.Just enter the URL and you’ll get an instant overview of the value of the site and other important statistics including Alexa Rank, BackLinks, Meta Description,server IP,Rank Graphs,server location map and DMOZ listing.


This website calculates the website worth, daily traffic and page views, daily ads revenue, Alexa rank, Google page rank, backlinks count, website value and etc. It helps you to quickly Calculate your Estimated Website Worth, Traffic Stats and Build SEO reports as PDF.

Statchest is a domain value calculator and free domain appraisal tool which is one of the best tool in the market to help you know the estimated value of a website[for fun, not for buying and selling] written in any language and to get domain information. Webmasters, domainers and any user with internet access can now get all website information on just one single page such as Domain Whois, server IP address, social media stats, SEO stats, pagespeed info, alexa rank, backlinks, traffic and many other web and domain information. To calculate domain valuation we take several important stats in consideration such as its alexa rank, Moz Domain Authority, social activity engagements, backlinks and few others.



10 Valbot

Do let us know if you use any other tool to calculate the value of your website.

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